Current Students


Past Students

Ben Riley (Masters, 2017)

  • How does Roebourne compare? A detailed comparison of Roebourne’s progress in the 52 Closing The Gap indicators

Fiona Lucey (Honours, 2017)

  • An Exploration of the Use of a Formal Assessment Process for Identifying Opportunities to Improve Aboriginal Education Outcomes at a Remote WA School

Lauren Chia (Honours, 2015)

  • Camps for families who have experienced domestic violence: Investigating the impacts on families and staff

Bonnie Butler (Masters, 2015)

  • Testing the relationship between third places and social capital in the suburbs

Zainub Zaki (Masters, 2015)

  • Factors affecting mental health service utilisation by refugee children and adolescents – A review of literature using the PRECEDE model

Cecily Strange (PhD, 2015)

  • Enabling families with young children to build social capital, and feel connected and supported within communities: community groups in newer residential area

Estee Lambin (Honours, 2014)

  • Evaluation of the Building Animal Relationships with Kids B.A.R.K. program

Ed O’Connell (Honours, 2012)

  • Local government environments for adolescents: a comparative analysis of LGAs within Metropolitan Perth

Elizabeth Wollard (Honours, 2012)

  • Bypass surgery versus coronary angioplasty: experienced patients’ preference

Andrea Nathan (PhD,2011/Honours, 2007)

  • Active living in retirement village residents: exploring built and social environmental correlates using mixed methods (PhD)

Jacinta Francis (PhD, 2010)

  • Associations between Public Space and Mental Health in New Residential Developments

Rudey Pillay (Honours, 2009)

  • Costs and access as potential barriers to recreational centre participation among Western Australian children

Ruth Young (Honours, 2009)

  • Using social network analysis to explore the role of playgroups as a channel for social support

Jenna Mitchell (Honours, 2006)

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